[D-Series] GIMP - Space Signature Tutorial!

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[D-Series] GIMP - Space Signature Tutorial!

Post  The Danzor on Tue Nov 02, 2010 3:26 am

Well I've had some questions on how to make my signatures.
You could use CS to do this but the options will be different.
What we will be creating today is this:

NOTE: A lot of images below.
Ok first off you have to open GIMP.
Create a New Image (I used 470-170)
Make sure you have a Black Background.

Select your Gratient tool

- Change the Foreground Colour to - 111b12

- Change the Background Colour to - 03111b

Gratient on Foreground to Background

Use the Gratient tool from the top of the Image, all the way to the bottom. (CTRL to keep a straight line)

Now create a New Layer and go to...
Filters -> Render -> Clouds -> Solid noise.

Change the Settings to
Randomize (Yes)
Detail: 15
X Size: 7.6
Y Size: 4.0
Click ok.

In the Layers Dialog set the layer mode to Dodge.


New Layer
Click on the Bucket Tool - Foreground Black - Fill everything in and then go to
Filters -> Noises -> HSV Noise - All bars to max

After that is done, do the following...
Colours - Desaturate.

In the Layers Dialog change the Layer mode to Screen

Then click on the...
Free Select Tool (Options) ->
Feather Edges (Yes)
Radius 70)

Randomly Draw some lines and then connect the lines and you should get a select, now press delete.

Select -> None.

Add your Text -> [URL="http://img.dafont.com/dl/?f=neuropol"]Neuropol Text[/URL], type whatever text you want, now double click your...
Allignment tool and select align centre and align middle of target.

Duplicate the layer and click on...
Filters -> Blue Gaussian blur -> About 5
Merge your blurred text with your non-blured text later.

Hide the text layer by clicking the little eye icon in your Layers Dialog

Then Click...
Image -> Merge Visable Layers.

Un-hide your Text Layer.
Duplicate the background layer and the text layer.
Make the Duplicate Background to the top of the layers.
You should get a Sandwich of layers.

From layer to bottom up it should be. Background, Text, Text Duplicate, Background Duplicate.

Now click on...
Filters -> Animation -> Blend -> Default settings -> Ok.

Ok you get a new image with frames.
View with -> Filters -> Animations -> Playback.

Save the image as a .GIF image.

End result:

KTHNXBAI, any questions ask.

This guide took me about, 2 hours to make (OMFG YES IT DID! lol) It'd be really appreciated if you clicked the "Rep" button and gave me some reputation.
The Danzor
The Danzor

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Re: [D-Series] GIMP - Space Signature Tutorial!

Post  Summer on Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:19 pm

woah nice man =] can you do the same but the Darksyde text? and when you finsh maybe a "SummerScape" text??? =] if u gonna do so do it in: 467x60 =]

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Re: [D-Series] GIMP - Space Signature Tutorial!

Post  Ryan on Wed Nov 03, 2010 2:46 pm

Nicely done man, I mean sometimes your a pain, but i'm starting to like you Very Happy


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Re: [D-Series] GIMP - Space Signature Tutorial!

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