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Application for Co-owner (Please read) Empty Application for Co-owner (Please read)

Post  Ryan on Thu Nov 11, 2010 4:03 pm

Note: I'm sorry to post this in the wrong section, but very few people read the staff applications, so I'm posting this application here for now. Thanks and sorry for the confusion

Dear Members of Darksyde,


I know a lot of you know me from the server, and forums Smile. If you don't know me, I'm Ryan, an Administrator here in Darksyde. I thank you all for allowing me to be a staff member, and treating me with cooperative respect through my months here at Darksyde. For those of you that don't know, I also was coder and co-owner on Summer's server back in the summer of 2010. So Summer and I have accumulated to be pretty sweet friends throughout the months. I'm sorry if I bored you with that Smile
Today, I will be taking a huge step in my administratorship. YOU MAY WANT TO SET DOWN YOUR CHEESE CAKE JACE AND YANNICK. I, Ryan, would like to make a formal application for Co-Owner of Darksyde.
I understand very much if I'm not accepted, or even looked at for co-owner, but I would really like to take a chance. I am currently the top poster of the forums, have made 2 server trailer videos with Summer for Darksyde, and more. Not that statistics count. I honestly don't believe that being the best will ever get you far, I just think if you are great and respectful, you will get farther. Well, I hope you aren't too board, because my staff application is next.

Ryan's Application

Have you ever been staff on another server or are you a coder or what?
A: I have owned around 4 of my own servers, along with being staff on countless servers to help the owners' code. I find it is rather unfair, and slightly boring, to own your server, without giving my experience to others. That's how I met Summer. I ran into his server under moparscape server status, and joined. I made a formal application, and made it into a moderator position. I was so happy, that I decided to go for a shot-in-the-dark for administrator. And sure enough, I got it. After that, I decided one more time to try to go for co-owner, and after a couple of days, I made it!

Q: How often do you play a day?
A: Unfortunately, I am not able to play as much since I have school. On the weekdays, I have a time limit of around 2-3 hours per-night. On the weekends, I will be on for atleast 3 and a half, to 4 hours. I have been getting on a lot recently, but no-one has been on, since of the one week reset whilst My Block was going to bond with his father Smile

Q: Do you understand how commands work?
A: Yes, I do very much understand how commands work, and how they are added into the system files. For example, when a player will type ::home, the server files are registered under, and it is called ("Home"), some coordinates, and other things per command. And, the server files are based off of else if statements. This means also that the server is run off of a .cmd command prompt.

Q: Are you a patient person?
A: Yes. I am a very patient person. I do have ADHD, which is a hyper-active disorder. However, I am on medication for it. You may be able to ask almost every member that knows me, and they know I do take things seriously, but have tons of fun. So I'm not just blowing things off and being hyper, not at all.

Q: Why do you want to be staff?
A: As I stated in my first introduction paragraphs, I am an administrator. I would like to be a co-owner, as I would first of all be able to have more rights, and more respect. It seems ridiculous when a new player comes on, and asks if you're the owner, and then wants staff. If they asked if I was owner or co-owner, I would say yes, and if they told me to give them staff, I would be able to be respected in this situation more than an administrator. But as I stated, I am very fine and will not quit if you players do not accept me to be a co-owner, and there is no offense taken there Smile

Q: What are rules as staff?
A: I am not going to copy a list of rules for staff, but I have made up a perfectly good list, in my opinion, that would suite the server's needs:

1. Do not use the p ring, or 'perfect' ring in PK or Team PK in any manner
2. Do not be biased to another staff member;
Example: If your friend and another player are in a fight, do not favor your friend

Those, in my opinion are the two best rules a staff member should follow.


That is my application Smile I really hope you accept me, but if not, please remember, you guys are amazing for letting me be admin, but co-owner would take me to the next level. Thanks again guys, and I understand 100% if I'm not chosen, as I'm lucky enough to be any staff at all of the server. By the way, this application only took me 35 minutes, so that shows I'm a pretty fast typer Smile

Thanks guys!

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